About RTA 2012

Road to AIDS 2012 is a nationwide tour that will engage communities on the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and ensure community voices are heard in the development of a domestic platform for the XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012).

The Urban Coalition for HIV/AIDS Prevention Services and Community Education Group are working with the International AIDS Society, convener of AIDS 2012, to increase participation of local communities in the 15 U.S. cities most adversely impacted by HIV.

This project is supported by a grant from The Merck Company Foundation.


Road to AIDS 2012 Goals

  1. Increase awareness and participation of local communities in AIDS 2012.
  2. Increase awareness, input and understanding of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS).
  3. Create opportunities for communities to highlight local needs related to NHAS.
  4. Increase the numbers of women, persons of color, and non-traditional groups engaged in the NHAS conversation.
  5. Model the NHAS through inclusion of persons living with HIV and those at risk; faith- and community-based partners; local, regional and federal government agencies; primary medical providers; business partners; and media.
  6. Increase participation of representatives from the federal government, including HHS regional offices, in community discussions about the NHAS.
  7. Develop a platform document reflecting input from local government, community and others for presentation to AIDS 2012.
  8. Highlight women and girls-targeted programs in each jurisdiction.